Leschi Market's meat and deli department

Our meat department offers a wide variety of meats with no added hormones or antibiotics, as well as organic and free-range poultry. See below for more details.

And our well-stocked deli department has domestic and imported cheeses, a huge variety of deli meats, and our own smoked bacon. We make a wide assortment of sandwiches daily, and you can find all kinds of freshly prepared pasta, vegetable and potato salads.

We also have assorted green salads and fresh sliced fruit in our produce case for an easy lunch on the run.

Leschi Market's Own No-Nitrite Sausage

Leschi Market has been making the finest no-nitrite sausage for 40 years now. We use the finest and freshest meats. Our sausage is made on premise for everyone to see. If we have one flaw in our sausage, it's that it might be too lean for some folks.

• Italian sausage with fennel–links or bulk (pork)
• Italian sausage hot with fennel–links or bulk (pork)
• Italian sausage no fennel–links (pork)
• Applesause sausage-links (pork)
• Mild bulk sausage (breakfast sausage) with pineapple (pork)
• Bulk spicey sausage (pork)
• Italian chicken sausage w/ fennel (sweet)–links or bulk (100% chicken)
• Lamb sausage links (100% lamb)
• Bratwurst links (pork and veal)
• Chorizo hot bulk (mexican style) (beef and pork)

We also offer our own smoked linked sausages:
• Andouille sausage great for jumbalaya or gumbo (pork)
• XXX hot sausage also known as "hotsies" (beef and pork)
• Medium hot sausage (beef)
• Polish (kielbasa) sausage (pork)
• Knockwurst sausage (beef)

Prime rib

Hot roasted prime rib is ready to go every Friday night after 5 p.m., and on Saturdays after 3 p.m. Hot prime rib sandwiches are also available during the above times. Yummmm!


At Leschi Market, our in-house smoked turkeys are well known for their subtle smoked flavor. We use a 2 step process, first the smoking then roasting, to keep our turkeys deliciously moist with a wonderful subtle smoked flavor, not dry and salty. We also do roasted, unsmoked turkeys. A smoked and/or roasted turkey must be ordered 3 days in advance; during the Holidays allow 3 weeks.

Ground Beef

All of our hamburger is ground on site to ensure freshness and quality.


We feature three kinds of in-house smoked hams: a boneless deli ham, whole or half bone-in hams, and bone-in spiral cut hams.


We also roast to order: boneless leg of lamb, beef roasts, chicken, pork roasts, pork spareribs and country-style pork spareribs.

Every day, 7 days a week, we offer roasted organic chicken, pork spareribs and country-style ribs.

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